Buying Administration

We understand Buying exerts the biggest influence to a retailer’s performance and having the right support in Buying alongside Merchandising can deliver exceptional growth.

Many retail businesses face having those dreaded Back Office & Administrative tasks that need to be carried out to keep the business functioning. Those tasks often take up considerable and valuable time.

Our team of highly skilled and efficient support specialists have expertise within the Retail and Ecommerce sector. We offer scalable tailored solutions, giving you a robust competitive advantage in the ever-changing business environment.

Delivering Exceptional Products Journeys to Buying Teams

Your business and Buying departments demand smooth running of the Buying cycle. What if your Buyers Admin Assistant can drive further value in Supplier Research and Compliance, Product Research and Comp Shop Analysis?

At Taskaler, we take the highly administrative areas of your Product Journey and turn them into frictionless journeys ensuring your teams have the data at the right time. Your teams are less consumed in Administrative areas, saving you countless hours and directly focused on delivering value to your departments and business that will drive Revenue Growth and Profitability.

Through our consultative and collaborative approach, we can tailor design your business requirements into effortless work streams that complement your existing workflow processes.


Some of our Retail Buying Administrative
Services include

Supplier Ordering

Entering PO is a critical to the Buying lifecycle. Our team digitise the data into your systems, ensuring full visibility of your product journey.

Product Creation

No product journey can start until the product has been created on your internal systems. We can create products with the key data points received in the Supplier Ordering process. Barcode information can also be presented to suppliers in formats required by you.

Critical Path

We data manage any pre-existing Critical Path journeys to ensure all data points of the Buying Lifecycle are covered. We communicate with internal stakeholders on any information gathering requirements.


We can put together buying lookbooks on key business requirements such as seasonality, trends, product type, etc. We can also add key data points such as Supplier, Order Quantity and allocation feedback.

Our Buying Services Include
but not limited to

  Raising of Purchase orders

✓  Creation of SKU’s

✓  Maintaining Critical Paths

✓  Managing supplier intake dates

✓  Maintaining supplier contact database

✓  Issuing order confirmations to suppliers

✓  Creation and coordination of barcodes

Through our consultative and collaborative approach, we can help design solutions that can ensure your teams are driving value add to your business whilst reducing inefficient time loss.

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Why Taskaler?

Accuracy in Data Entry based functions 99%
Time Saving to Teams with Highly Administrative areas 60%
Faster turn around time 95%
Accuracy in Data Entry based functions
Time Saving to Teams with Highly Administrative areas
Faster turn around time

Why Should You Outsource?

There are many benefits of outsourcing. By outsourcing to us, you can....

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Focus on your core functions and let your teams deliver on Value Add profit generating tasks

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Let our support specialist carry out tasks in these skilled areas

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Gain flexibility as we can adapt to your working requirements

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Gain from lower staffing costs

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Avoid costly recruitment and retention costs

Our Process

Attention to detail every step of the way


Our consultants meet with your team to understand the departments’ objectives and the enhanced support required


We map out processes that seamlessly integrate into your workflows and with minimal disruption

Feedback & Develop

Our team start delivering on the processes with continuous review and feedback provided


We are delivering on solutions that enables your internal teams to grow your business