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eCommerce Case Study

Helping a well-known retail brand get products online 75% faster


Our client’s Web Operations team deals with 70-100 new product drops per week.

Product onboarding typically took 48 hours & they wanted to achieve a faster turnaround time. They found when trying to speed up the process themselves, other activities such as category changes, tagging, markdowns & general trading activities, would be adversely affected.

Approach & Analysis

During discovery stage, we looked into the team’s most resource-intensive tasks. On these, we found they spent:


Of time on enhanced enrichment.


Of time on sales imports and reporting.


Of time spent on category changes & tagging.


Taskaler provides a skilled resource to support the team with product onboarding, having:

  • Devised a fluid & open project setup.
  • Documented processes & applications.
  • Implemented open channel communication with all stakeholders, for continuous alignment at all times.


The Web operations team is now saving 50% of their time and are onboarding products in less than 12 hours.

  • Time saved is being spent on driving sales and generating revenue.
  • £22,500 is being saved annually against UK employment cost.

In addition, we were also in a position to help this client to successfully migrate to a new central Product Information Management system (PIM), by supporting in key related tasks.

“Taskaler have effectively freed up a whole person in the team so we can spend more time on the analytics to better understand exactly how people move through the website – and ultimately increase sales.”

– eCommerce Trading Manager