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Marketplace Case Study

Helping to increase online marketplace sales and saving our client £45,000 every year.


Our client deals with 5 marketplace channels; onboarding 500 products per week. They required a solution that would help them onboard their products to multiple sales channels via their marketplace middleware.

Initial plans were to onboard additional members into their teams to manage the increased workload.

Approach & Analysis

We devised a strategy that would ensure:

  • Speed of onboarding.
  • Quality of listings.
  • Accuracy of listings.
  • Presence of listings on sales channels.
  • Enhanced data points.


We were able to provide two support specialists who are skilled in managing the nuanced requirements of each of the marketplaces, to ensure all channels are fully optimised.

We delivered the following:

Improved Workflow

Design of a workflow of data points required for middleware & channels.

Correcting Errors

Discovery and documentation of process errors and how to correct these.

Quality Control

Channel walkthrough and quality review.


Our digital support specialists provide faster turnaround of product onboarding to multiple different marketplaces, helping to achieve:

  • £45,000 saved annually against UK employment cost
  • Channel optimisation – Faster turnaround of onboarding products to middleware

Added Value: The Taskaler team were on-hand to spot very quickly that refunds via a particular concession were not being correctly calculated, alerting the client immediately to allow them to correct it and avoid any negative impact.